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It's not that easy to get away from me

I'm sure, by now, some of you have noticed the Raunties have been a bit buried in the real world recently. Now, don't you worry, we'll have a new season for you as soon as we can, (it's not that easy to get us to shut up) we just have a few things to get sorted.

As some of you may recall from Episode One (what you could hear around the horrible sound issues and Montezuma's Revenge), romance novels are my go-to for a nice brain flush when I am in times of high stress and school is consuming all of my actual braining energy. I'll just throw out that I'm taking Calculus and Statistics this term and let you infer the rest when I tell you I have read a few books lately. You'll probably also remember that I derive most of my joy in life by sharing some of the... art... I find (I probably need to text Jo some of these books) problem is, I can't get the girls to read any of my books right now! You wouldn't believe some of the things they've said to me!

"Why would you read something like this? Have you no shame?"


"I don't know what happened to you, but there is something seriously wrong with your love map."

and even

"I swear to God, Phoebe, I would rather masturbate with a cheese grater than read any more of your trash."

These bitches aren't going to get away from my book picks that easily though! I have been keeping careful record for them and over the next several posts, I am going to share some of the best gems I could find.

Stay tuned...


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